The State of Things 

The Jack Studio Theatre​

A musical about austerity Britain, love and education, 'The State of Things' running from 7th - 27th Sept 2018, was a poignant show with a strong score and script. The team were a wonderful driven bunch to work alongside and although a challenge for me being the first professional musical I worked on, the show came together and had a superb run. 

The sound design focussed on shaping the piece into a school and completely immersing the audience into the high-school yet turning the big rock numbers into load poingnant pieces especially for the bigger anthem numbers like 'The State of Things'.

Directed by Thomas Attwood. 


a well-rounded piece of musical theatre, where great comedy and urgent topics are combined with an artful selection of really good songs. don’t be surprised if you’re singing the opening

arguably the best new ‘pop-style’ score I’ve heard in a long time.  There isn’t a single number in the show that I don’t want to hear again, and again, and again. 

sparky, original, thought-provoking take on the decline of arts education which never descends into the murky finer points of party politics. In places, it’s very funny too which is always a bonus.