My Nan is unfortunately at the end of her battle with cancer, after around a 10 year fight. She spent her life making incredible pieces of artwork that just hang up inside her house, but towards the end of her time she has asked for her final piece to be auctioned to raise money for the 'Brain Tumour Charity' a charity very close to home helping immediate family with another gruelling battle. This page has been set up in aid of the people that cannot bid on the artwork (the last supper, Leonardo da Vinci hand stitched and framed by Tina Snell) (ebay link coming soon) but would like to help towards the final donation as one of my Nan's final wishes. Hopefully even a small donation can help such a wonderful charity continue research into Brain Tumours and help the survival rate of only 11% double by 2025 and change and improve treatments that haven't changed in 40 years. Brain Tumour Cancer remains the biggest cancer killer of children, but less than 3% of the hundreds of millions invested in national cancer research in the UK every year is spent on Brain Tumours - the brain tumour charity is here to catalyse such change. The brain is the most extraordinary part of the body, and responsible for your ability to move and communicate. It controls emotions and stores your memories - so every little donation will help.



For many years Tina had been happily carrying on with her hobby of creating amazing tapestries and fine silk, cross stiches.

Sadly, ten years ago Tina was diagnosed with terminal inoperable oesophagus cancer. Two years prior, she was treated for bladder cancer and then four years ago breast cancer was diagnosed . All where primary site cancers, none had metastasised. She cocked a snoot at the cancers and carried on with her life and her juggled roles of working, being a mother of four, grandmother to Twelve and a wife as well. After completing so many of the great masters art works she settled on her final project the Last Supper. Her remission was over, the oesophageal cancer was back and aggressive. She had been working on Da Vinci's Last supper for two years when she was told she had little time left. Tina wanted to finish the work because she had decided to auction it for charity. Her daughter at the time had a terrible seizure which left her in intensive care and later with a diagnosis of having a Glioma brain tumour and then, later, a second different tumour was found. That resulted in Tina's decision to choose the Brain Tumour Charity. A wonderful neglected charity, engaged in world class research and support. Trying to stem the tide of this, the biggest cause of death, through illness to under forties. She met with her Oncology consultant and pleaded with him to give her chemo – it would give her the time to complete the work and sell it for her charity. Tina had weeks of gruelling chemotherapy and true to his word the chemo has taken her through to finishing her magnificent work. Her life is sadly drawing to a close , in a cruel and heart breaking fashion. If you like her picture and admire her story please consider a bid or a donation in respect of a worthy and worthwhile wife, mother and grand mother and for a most deserving cause.

Link below.

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