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Beth has worked in Immersive theatre both technically and creatively - from creating and designing sound systems for events, to composing the evening's music. Beth loves creating rich soundscapes to transform the often dark, damp, warehouses, and helping the world of the event come alive. 

Immersive credits:

Batman Popup | Warner Bros | Sound Designer

Nun II Launch | Warner Bros | Sound Designer

Wishmas | Secret Cinema | Sound Designer & Composer

Diablo IV Launch | Secret Cinema | Composer & Sound Designer

Amma at Tara Theatre VR Experience | Sound Designer and Composer

Secret Cinema & Netflix present Bridgerton | Composer & Sound Designer

Halloween Ends Immersive Horror Event with Universal and Premier | Sound Designer

Gunpowder Experience | Associate Show Control Designer

War of the Worlds Immersive Experience | Assistant Sound Designer

The Greatest Night of the Jazz Age, The Lost Estate | Sound Designer


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