Secret Cinema - Bridgerton
Composer & Content Sound Designer

"With multiple rooms, a live string quartet, ceilidh band, opera singer and choir - Bridgerton was very much music lead. Working with Quartet Volute's Aled Jones, we arranged multiple pop songs into string quartet styles. Then for the big filmic moments, I composed around 30 bespoke and timed scores to fit with the film clips, cleverly arranged and designed by Ash J Woodward. These scores were arranged for string quartet with additional stems playing out for a full orchestral sound. The scores were influenced by the original music by Kris Bowers from the TV Series, as well as other influences including Mozart and Alexandre Desplat. My soundtrack features pompous regency music, to Waltz' to romance. Much of the music was created in my home studio and developed in rehearsals and on-site in a studio, using Spitfire Audio instruments and mixing this with the live strings for the full authentic sound. The music was composed largely from my keyboard into Logic Pro, then arranged later in Sibelius."


War of the Worlds Immersive Experience - Layered Reality - Assistant Sound Designer

The Gunpowder Plot - Layered Reality
Associate Show Control Designer