The VAULTS Festival 2018

For this show, I got to work alongside the talented Jack Wyllie (Portico Quartet) that created a superb score that sewed into the atmospheric landscape of the forrest...and you guessed it...Boots (the pharmacy!). 

"When it looks like Fred Astaire has burnt down Boots the chemist, Willow (Tanya Loretta Dee) knows that something is seriously afoot. She braves the wilds of Lynx Africa, talking trees, and infertility to find an unlikely friend in Liz (Illona Linthwaite) as she tracks down the truth. BOOTS is a new play about ending the silence that would keep even Ginger Rogers on her toes."

Boots was a delicate story to work alongside, with topics of rape and loss making the piece become a tragedy in a way, yet overlooked by the humour that the play still had to offer. 

Directed by Jessica Butcher.